The one2one

one2one is a team of creative branding and designing agency. It is a company of creative thinkers, strategists, digital innovators, designers, developers & problem solvers (everyone gets a mention)!

Rachit Khatri
Founder — Business Management

Rakhi Sehgal
Studio Head — Web Developer

Purvai Shah
Graphic Designer

Shivani Tiwari
Graphic Designer


Prakash Saluja
Ex – Graphic Designer

Abhijot Bhamra
Ex – Graphic Designer

Anvita Anagol
Graphic Design Intern

Gauri Muthiyan
Graphic Design Intern

Pranjal Gokhale
Graphic Design Intern

Shreyas Dakhave
Graphic Design Intern

Eshan Hamza
Graphic Design Intern

Harshal Phatak
Graphic Design Intern

Komal Jindal
Ex – Graphic Designer

Maitreyee Kshirsagar
Graphic Design Intern

Pranali Shah
Graphic Design Intern

Nikita Pitaliya
Graphic Design Intern

Chetan Mutreja
Former Co-Founder

Our Approach

We Analyze

A complete analysis is done of the requirement and specifications. Research in the field of interest is done for the complete understanding of what is expected of us! (We understand that a lot is relied on us – Oh Yeah!)

We Design

Then what? The unstoppable generation of ideas and the heavy brain-storming sessions begin and after numerous discussions, a set of designs is presented to the client for approval. (heartbeats background sound)!

We Develop

Then, as we are pretty confident, one or more presented designs are approved by the clients and then they are processed upon. The Development Phase begins! (Ting-ting tiding)!

We Promote

So now your product is ready! Yay! Congratulations!
Not enough? We have more for you!
We have social media all around us!
What is it for?
For marketing!
And who will do it?
We offer to promote your brand in the social media channels to uplift its presence! We will do our best to get your brand to be known!

We Support

If your brand needs anything other than what’s mentioned above, worry not and you need not go any place else coz we are here for you! We are here to support all your brand needs, be it maintainance of your website or contacts in the print market or keeping your brand , you name it and we will be there at your service!

Sounds Interesting?

Take a peek at our work now!

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