Mango Quirky Branding

The distinct brand vocabulary designed for the stationary brand Mango, which could flex and scale based on the audience. The mark led imagery style allows plenty of room for expression. This was the design concept presented to the client.



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Branding Collaterals
Envelope Design




Business Cards
Letterhead Design




Proposed Concept for Stationery and Packaging

Creating a vocabulary of sticker format on brown paper for Stationery & packaging of the products along with a tabular format to display all the required information in a systematic and neat way, gives the whole brand identity a unique look & feel. The reason behind proposing a brown paper concept for the identity was to bring out the eco-consciousness of the brand and on the other hand, the tabular format used throughout the branding identity is followed to balance out the curvaceous nature of the logo. A buttoned flap used in the brown paper envelope is a very unique element that will add on the brand image. 

We make sure that everything goes right at that very special date for brave guys.

Poster Design
Shopping Bag Design
Notebook Design
Packaging Design

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