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Our mission is to help your business to find the best solutions for the daily quests and problems. This set of company policies are expected to be followed by the clients of one2one for a smooth flow of work.

one2one may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from 21/03/19.


  • — Project timeline excludes public holidays and office day offs. Work timings remain 10AM to 7PM
  • — 50% non refundable advance balance is to be handedover on project confirmation

  • — one2one does not take responsibility for any copyright issues

  • — GST will be charged on all the projects taken by one2one as per the government laws

  • — All projects related discussions will strictly happen on the official mail ID, no whatsapp chats will be considered

  • — If the project is left mid way then the advance amount will not be refunded

  • — The given website / video / graphic design quotation does not include the amount required to purchase any stock images that would be need to be used in the particular service


  • — The first draft of all the branding projects taken by one2one will be delivered seven working days from project approval
  • — 3-4 different logo options will be given at the time of logo submission

  • — Once the logo is finalised only the logo colours can be altered in the further design process, the entire logo cannot be asked to changes

  • — A maximum of 3 drafts (12 logos) would be given to the client for the particular branding job, demands for any more logos would not be entertained

  • — If no logo is taken from the client then none of the logo files would be given to the client. If one2one finds out any one of the logo concepts being used, it will be considered as theft & necessary action will be taken

  • — If printing is done from one2one, then we are not responsible for any lapses in the quality of the final prints

  • — All the design copyrights will be remain strictly with one2one until the entire project cost is cleared

  • — one2one will not be responsible if the final design file is changed or edited at the time of printing at any third party printer

  • — Final PDF and .EPS files will be converted and provided by one2one for printing purposes

  • — The cost of the design job is excluding all the third party purchases (Images, graphics, etc.)

  • — If any particular logo is asked to be replicated, then in that case one2one will not be responsible for copyright issues

  • — In case of package design, cost of replicating the any master design created by one2one will be 50%

  • — The cost of the design job is excluding all the third party purchases (Images, graphics, etc.)

  • — one2one does not guarantee the printing of exact same colours as they appear in the digital format of any design

  • — In case of package design / CIP only the text details and colours will be changed when the master design is being replicated

  • — The final print files and open files of the branding / graphic design will be provided by one2one only after the entire project cost has been cleared


  • — Cost of making a website is exclusive of the following:
         – Domain name purchase
         – Web hosting
         – SSL certificate purchase
  • — one2one will not be responsible for any malware attack / data loss, after the website is up and running on your respective domain

  • — Once the website has been transferred to your respective domain, one2one will provide free of cost technical support for 1 calendar month only

  • The given website quotation / estimate / invoice includes a set number of pages / features that need to be designed and developed. If the number of pages or features increase in the process of creating a website, then they will be charged extra.

  • Any artworks that need to be created / designed by one2one to fulfill a requirement of the website would be charged extra

  • — All the websites created by one2one will having copyright information and links to our website in the footer

  • — The website will be transferred to the respective domian only after the entire project cost has been cleared

  • — one2one is not responsible if the client deletes / disables any website theme / plugin, that causes the website to crash or slowdown

  • — Transferring the website from one domain name to an other or resetting the web hosting would attract additional charges

  • — The custom made / chosen theme of the website cannot be changed once the website is in it’s final stages or the after the transfer on your respective domain

  • — Website backups will be kept with one2one for 6 months after the project closure and can be uploaded back on the domain at an additional cost

  • — If the client does not reply with the domain name and web hosting credentials within 30 days for final transfer of website on the respective domain

          then the website will be removed from the temporary domain and it will treated as a new job
  • — In case of blog / portfolio websites, uploading new blogs and updating the portfolio would fall under our monthly maintenance packages


  • — The entire theme / look of the video cannot be changed once the 1st draft has been approved
  • — The cost of the video excludes all third party purchases (Voice overs, Images, etc.)

  • — The script submitted for videos will be voice over ready. The entire content of the script cannot be added in the video

  • — All the audios / images used in the video will be copyright free

  • — If the client wants any particular audio, video or images to be used in the video, then one2one will not be responsible of any copyright claims / strikes

  • — Videos being created for whatsapp will be around 5-10 MB and will be pixelated in quality

  • — The final video outputs will only be provided by the one2one after the entire project amount has been cleared

  • — All the videos will be provided in 4 formats

    – For whatsapp (5-10MB depending of the video length)
    – For Youtube / Vimeo
    – For all Social Media Platform
    – For Broadcasting purposes
  • — The script of the video cannot be changed once the first draft has been approved

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